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One life. The value of living; Make your dreams come true!

It all starts here, TODAY!


Imagine a timeline that represents the life of a human being. Imagine all the events throughout life from a young age, to the old age.

What would be the most important things in your life?

Would it be the business that you build, the car that you drive, the amount of money you made throughout your life, you're success stories, your accomplishments, popularity or network, prestige, your clothing, things you own or are proud of, jobs you add?

Would it be your relationships, if you have experience love, giving and sharing, security, stability, excitement, challenges, great adventures, you're victories?

Would it be the moments you shared with someone and others, the moments that you live true happiness, joy, sadness and resilience, the challenges you vanquished together, overcame adversity, getting to know your self and evolved as a person for a better life, the time you cared about others, and you experience bliss, self expression or authenticity?

If when we reach the end of the road, the things that we will remember the most, are the moments when we experienced happiness, when we were authentically ourselves. Then the most precious things throughout the human experience of living, would be these magic moments, that become the best memories of our lives.


And If these moments are made of happiness, why do we waste so much time doing anything else. Pursuing endless performance, acquiring money, and so many other things the pull us the way from just one thing; being happy.

We take endless detours on this path to happiness. We sometimes stretch our personality to the extend of not being truly ourselves and, even to a point of getting lost in a ton of unrelated skills and activities that promise this happiness. We seek it in acceptance, in temporary pleasures with food, alcohol, chocolate or other addictions, satisfactions in bouts of shopping. Of endless nights of brainwashing, movies after movies or on the internet.

All of these fulfills temporarily an inner need for something more. A void created by the lack of connection with our true self.

When we stay on that level, we continue the cycle of superficial void fulfilling activities.

3 Things

When was the last time you called up your childhood friends, or went to a karaoke singing with people you love, bought a gift for someone special or just bring flowers to someone close to you? When you took the night off to read a book or organized a road trip on the spot out of nowhere? Took the kids or your neighbour to a pick Nic? Go one a blind date or enter a contest? Share your art or organize something to help people?

If one of the most important goals in life is to be happy, why don't we put that in the forefront and make it a priority every day in our lives?

What would it look like if this week, you would do 3 things that can help you feel good, joy or just super great? What activities or things you can do, that would create a genuine feeling of being happy?

Make a list of 3 things that makes you feel good that you have not done in some time or you forgot that you loved doing. Maybe you want to integrate them in your daily life again some time soon?

________________ ________________ ________________

Those magic moments

Remember these crazy things we did for fun when we were kids, they sometimes made no sense. Or when we listened to our gut feeling or followed our passion, beyond our reason, are the best moments of our lives. The exceptional times that we were together amongst friends, being authentic, without the need of superficial defenses to protect ourselves or hide in a role just to fit in or to be like someone else. You know, those times that we will never forget.

These moments have one thing in common… YOU. Your true authentic self.

These magic moments are made of the great relationship we have with the Universe, through the unique self expression of our authenticity.

To make it essential to generate that feeling of excitement of living. To allow ourselves to dream and make our dreams come true. To take on new challenges, because life is made of these moments where we are true to ourselves.

When we dream, and take on these new adventures, we connect to our authenticity. We can rekindle ourselves in our self expression.

Life game plan

Considering that, in the end we don't bring anything with us. We actually leave everything behind. And more so, we leave everything we've done and we have given to this world behind. We leave it for the world…

The question is, what is it that you want to leave behind?

The most important thing in someone's existence is these memories that we built throughout our lives. They are checkpoints, that we can remember throughout this long quest that we can say for sure that we were happy and that we have lived. They represent specific moment in time, where we were at our best, truly authentic and appreciated life.


If you look back and all the times that you were the most happy in your life, my guess is; you were the most authentic as well. You were expressing your true self. It might be because of the social conditioning, that repressed us early in our young age, when we try to fit in with our friends in society, to feel excepted by the world. We slowly, started playing a role, in which we were fading our authentic self a little bit more every day.

The Value of living

Imagine this we live on a planet that spins at around 1000 km an hour in a gigantic void which is space. Imagine that there is no reason for anything simply because life has emerge here on earth buy some kind of phenomena all we are as a result of classic evolution as human animals. Would you spend your whole life working, for a little green piece of paper? If we spend our time consuming whatever comes our way in our lives we are at the mercy of our environment. If we spend our time reacting to life not putting anything forward that comes from us, we are dependent of life situations in our environment again.

Spending your whole days and nights sometimes weekends trying to for fill some kind of immediate satisfaction wasting your beautiful precious time here on earth?

What is the value of living if it's not to enjoy your passage on this planet? Are you enjoying yourself are you happy in your life? Self expression is probably one of the most important thing in human nature and the most satisfying gratifying thing we can do to connect with the outside world but also to imprint who we are on this life that we live.

The greatest achievements of all in anyone's life is to materialize something that emerged from us. To make something that we have imagined a reality, that can impact others and even change lives or the world….

We have this amazing chance when we come to this planet, to leave a part of who we are in this world. We should honor our own greatness instead of folding back to the repressed identity we have created to survive in our social context. We should not fold under the name of performance, money or fear. When we clearly awake to this phenomena, we can undertake the most amazing turn we will ever do in our lives. It is to recognize our true identity and take on this amazing quest that is self expression, and making our deepest aspiration come to life.

It is a great power to be able to envision something, and make it become part of reality…

Make your dreams come true

If we go through life pursuing endlessly things that pull us away from our innate happiness, we are wasting our precious time. Time is actually all we have…And it does not even belong to us.

We have one destination in life, and it’s the process of living. The rest, is all but scenarios in which we decide to, either play someone else, or our true self…

You either push to make other people’s dreams come true or, devote your life to make yours happen!

Don’t wait another day, start making that dream come true! Embark on this quest with a coaching program and plan to start truly living, TODAY!


Picture From Mel Brooks Movie; Young Frankenstein 1974 Produced by Michael Gruskoff, 20 th Century Fox

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