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Tommy's castel.tiff

Tommy's story

Somewhere in the castle there is a mad scientist creating experiements...

I am Not a MonsterTommy in the Attic

Picture From Mel Brooks Movie; Young Frankenstein 1974 Produced by Michael Gruskoff, 20 th Century Fox

Inside of a Castle

Lost in the Castle, you are trying to escape the Mad Scientist's crazy mind Games. You have to find the Door and destroy the laboratory and his evil plans...

Image by Kyle Larivee

Keys can be found if you face your fears and survive the mind Games...

Image by Andrea Boldizsar

There is a private railway train going to the Castle... I wonder what it's for...

Image by Simon Wijers
Image by Daniel Jensen

The woods are guarded by Ghosts and Creatures...

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 11.22.06 PM.png

Out of the darkness, Music will rise tofight madness...



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